Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll - BB 17 Live Votes Today 2023

Bigg Boss Season 17 

Bigg Boss, the popular reality TV show that has captivated audiences for years, is back with its 17th season, promising even more drama, entertainment, and controversy. As a viewer, you have the power to influence the show's direction and determine the fate of your favorite contestants through the Bigg Boss 17 voting poll.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Poll

The Bigg Boss 17 voting poll presents an incredible opportunity for fans to actively engage in the show. Through this voting system, you can save your beloved contestants from eliminations and help them progress in the game. It's not just about watching passively; you become an important decision-maker, influencing the direction of the show.

As a responsible viewer, it's important to approach the Bigg Boss 17 voting poll with fairness and respect. Base your decision on the contestants' performances, actions, and personalities, rather than personal biases. Encourage healthy discussions among fellow viewers and foster an environment of inclusivity. Remember, the aim is to appreciate the game and showcase your support for deserving participants.

Bigg Boss 17 is here, and with the power of the voting poll, you have the chance to influence the game and support your favorite contestants. So, get ready to cast your vote and make a difference. Join the exciting journey of Bigg Boss 17, where your voice matters!

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Results

This is a poll where you can find the live results of the weekly nominations on Bigg Boss. We keep updating the poll to reflect the latest nominated contestants. You can come back here every day to check the live poll results. On Sundays, the results of the nominations are announced, and you can pretty much guess which contestant will be eliminated based on the poll results.

Now, we also have a voting poll available. You can start voting for your favorite contestant every week by selecting their name and clicking on the "vote" button. This way, your vote will be added to the voting poll.

Please note that this is an unofficial poll. We conduct it so that the audience can predict the contestant who might be eliminated before the host officially declares the results. You can participate in the Bigg Boss online voting poll on our website. Don't worry; we will also provide information on the official methods of Bigg Boss voting.

The above poll is for Bigg Boss Season 16 (Hindi). It allows you to easily predict the contestants who are popular and loved by the audience. With this voting poll, you can even make predictions about the eventual winner of Bigg Boss.

This poll is important for the audience because the official Bigg Boss voting poll doesn't show results instantly. However, on our website, you can see the results immediately after voting, eliminating the need to wait. Feel free to share the link to this page with your friends and family so they can also vote for their favorite contestants and see the results.

Vote For Best Season Of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 17 Contestants List:-

Nisha Pandey

Nusrat Jahan

Karan Patel

Surbhi Jyoti

Charu Asopa

Faisal Shaikh (Mr. Faisu)

Farmani Naaz

Munawar Faruqui

Zain Iman

Sanaya Irani

Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Shiney Ahuja

Shivangi Joshi

Munmun Dutta

Anjali Arora

Prakruti Mishra

Fahmaan Khan

Shubhangi Atre

Madirakshi Mundle

Harshad Chopda

Erica Fernandes

Twinkle Kapoor

Ankita Lokhande

Vivian Dsena

Kanika Mann

Gulshan Gautam ( Archana's brother bb 16)

Somy Ali 

This Contestants are not officially confirmed by Bigg Boss. These are expected contestants.

how to vote bigg boss 17 in voot app

To vote for Bigg Boss on the Voot app, you can follow these general steps:

1. Download and install the Voot app: Visit your device's app store (Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS) and search for "Voot." Download and install the Voot app on your mobile device.

2. Sign up or log in: Launch the Voot app and create a new account if you don't have one already. Alternatively, you can log in using your existing credentials if you're already a Voot user.

3. Find Bigg Boss: Once you're logged in, search for "Bigg Boss" in the search bar or navigate to the "Shows" section to find the Bigg Boss show page.

4. Access the voting section: On the Bigg Boss show page, you should find a section dedicated to voting.

5. Cast your vote: When the voting window is open, you'll likely see the pictures or names of the nominated contestants. Select the contestant you want to vote for and follow the prompts to confirm your vote.

6. Follow any additional instructions: Depending on the season and voting mechanism, there may be specific rules or procedures to follow. Pay attention to any additional instructions provided on the app or during the voting process.

Note: The voting process may vary for each season of Bigg Boss, and the information provided here is based on general procedures. For accurate and up-to-date instructions on how to vote for a specific season, refer to the official Voot app, the Bigg Boss website, or their official social media channels for the most recent guidelines and procedures.

How to vote Bigg Boss 17 by missed call

To vote for Bigg Boss through a missed call, you can follow these general steps:

1. Wait for the voting lines to open: The show producers will announce the opening of the voting lines during the episodes or on their official website. It is usually mentioned when the voting lines will be open and for how long.

2. Note the contestant's assigned number: Each Bigg Boss contestant is typically assigned a unique number for voting purposes. The numbers are usually displayed on the television screen or announced during the show.

3. Dial the designated missed call number: Once you have noted the contestant's number, dial the designated missed call number assigned to that contestant. The missed call numbers are typically toll-free, meaning you won't be charged for making the call.

4. Limitations and restrictions: Keep in mind that there may be restrictions on the number of votes you can cast from a single phone number or SIM card. The specific rules and limitations may vary from season to season, so it's essential to pay attention to any announcements or instructions provided during the show.

5. Repeat the process if allowed: If you're permitted to vote multiple times, you can repeat the process by giving a missed call to the designated number of your chosen contestant.

Remember, the procedures and rules for voting can change with each season of Bigg Boss. It's advisable to check the official Bigg Boss website, follow their social media channels, or watch the show for the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to vote through missed calls for the specific season you're interested in.

How to watch bigg boss live

To watch Bigg Boss live, you have a few options depending on your location and access to platforms:

1. Television: Bigg Boss is primarily aired on television channels. Check your local listings to find out which channel broadcasts the show in your region. Tune in to the scheduled broadcast time to watch it live on television.

2. Official streaming platforms: Some streaming platforms may have partnerships with the Bigg Boss production team to provide live streaming of the show. In India, for example, you can watch Bigg Boss live on the streaming platform Voot ( Visit the platform's website or download their mobile app to access the live stream. Note that there may be certain restrictions or subscription requirements for accessing live content on these platforms.

3. International streaming services: If you're located outside of India, you might be able to watch Bigg Boss on international streaming services that have acquired the rights to broadcast the show. Services like Hotstar, Colors TV app, or other similar platforms may have live streaming options available. Check the availability of Bigg Boss on these platforms in your country.

4. Online video platforms: After the episodes air on television, clips or episodes of Bigg Boss may be uploaded to online video platforms like YouTube. However, these may not provide live streaming options and may not have the entire episode available.

It's important to note that the availability of live streaming options and platforms may vary depending on your region and the specific season of Bigg Boss. It's recommended to visit the official Bigg Boss website, follow their social media channels, or check local listings to find the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to watch Bigg Boss live in your location.

How to watch bigg boss for free

To watch Bigg Boss for free, you can try the following options:

1. Television: Bigg Boss is broadcasted on television channels, and if you have a television with access to the specific channel airing the show, you can watch it for free. Check your local listings to find out which channel broadcasts Bigg Boss in your area and tune in during the scheduled airtime.

2. Free streaming platforms: Some streaming platforms offer free access to Bigg Boss episodes. In India, you can watch Bigg Boss for free on the Voot streaming platform ( Visit their website or download their mobile app to watch episodes of Bigg Boss without any charges. Keep in mind that there might be some advertisements during the streaming.

3. Free trial periods: Certain streaming services may provide free trial periods that allow you to watch Bigg Boss for a limited time without any cost. Platforms like Hotstar or other streaming services might offer free trials, so you can sign up during the trial period and enjoy watching Bigg Boss without paying.

4. Social media and video sharing platforms: Clips or highlights from Bigg Boss episodes are often shared on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. You can search for specific episodes or interesting moments from the show on these platforms to catch some glimpses of Bigg Boss for free.

Remember that the availability of free options to watch Bigg Boss may vary depending on your location and the specific season. It's recommended to check the official Bigg Boss website, their social media channels, or local listings for the most accurate and up-to-date information on free viewing options in your area.

Bigg Boss 17 Schedule 

Show :                                       Bigg Boss

Season :                                    Season 17

Premiere Date :                     TBA

Finale Date :                           TBA

Channel :                                 Colors

Streaming Partners :           Voot & Jio Tv

Show Duration :                    105 Days

Timing :                                   9.30 PM on Weekdays | 9:00 PM on Weekends

Contestants :                          16

Prize Money :                        50 Lakh

Language :                              Hindi

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination Process

In the reality TV show "Bigg Boss," the elimination process involves a combination of audience voting and housemate nominations. Each week, the housemates nominate fellow contestants for eviction, usually based on personal conflicts or strategic reasons. The audience then votes to save their favorite contestants from eviction. The contestant who has the least number of votes is eliminated from the show. This process continues week after week until one contestant remains, who is declared the winner of "Bigg Boss."

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination Process

In the popular reality TV show "Bigg Boss," the nomination process involves housemates selecting fellow contestants for potential eviction. Every week, each housemate is asked to nominate a certain number of contestants based on their personal opinions, conflicts, or strategic gameplay. These nominations are usually kept confidential to avoid conflicts within the house. After the nominations, the audience gets to vote for their favorite contestants to save them from elimination. The contestant with the least audience votes faces the risk of eviction and may be eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss 17 Videos:

Bigg Boss All Season Winners 🏆🏆

Bigg Boss Season                             Winner Name

Season 1                      :                            Rahul Roy

Season 2                      :                   Ashutosh Kaushik

Season 3                      :                         Vindu Singh

Season 4                      :                       Shweta Tiwari

Season 5                      :                       Juhi Parmar

Season 6                      :                  Urvashi Dholakia

Season 7                      :                     Gauhar Khan

Season 8                      :                  Gautam Gulati

Season 9                      :                     Prince Narula

Season 10                    :                   Manveer Gurjar

Season 11                    :                   Shilpa Shinde

Season 12                    :                   Dipika Kakar

Season 13                    :                Siddharth Shukla

Season 14                     :                Rubina Dilaik

Season 15                     :               Tejasswi Prakash

Season 16                     :                    MC Stan

Season 17                     :                        ??

FAQ's of Bigg Boss Season 17:- 

1. Who is the host of Bigg Boss 17?

Salman Khan is the host of bigg boss 17. Co-Host: Farah Khan.

2. When Bigg Boss 17 is coming?

Bigg boss 17 is expected by the mid of 2023 in October or November.

Bigg Boss 17 Trending News 

Not Yet Been Come. Thanks!!

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